About Unleashed K9 Adventures

Is your dog energetic and driving you barking mad?

Are you struggling to find that extra time you need?

We carefully design our adventures to encourage structured freedom and fun, rather than just an unruly run-around!

We really care about our K9 community, and our local focus enables us to build trusted relationships with families and their pets, and to deliver a personalised, responsive and reliable service.

Keeping it local also works well for your animals. Whether you need our home care or adventure services we’re never far away, so your pets are fed and cared for on time, and pick-ups are punctual.

For our outdoor adventures, this also means your dog spends less time travelling, and more time doing the things they love. With local pick-ups, we can quickly gather the gang and go further afield to experience new places and spaces. We love to mix up our routes and routines to keep things interesting. Dogs enjoy exploring different environments and respond well to new sights, sounds and smells. This holistic approach makes for healthy, happy hounds!

For every animal in our care, their wellbeing is always our number #1 priority. So whether they are at home or on the hoof, you can rest assured that we treat your pet as if it were our own.

My Promise to you

My promise to you is to give you peace of mind and your pets the professional, individual care they deserve.

I’m always looking to improve my knowledge and keep up with the latest methods, whether it be training, nutrition or welfare.

I have been caring for pets of all shapes and sizes for 20+ years and I do not intend to stop anytime soon!

I look forward to welcoming new members on board at Unleashed K9 Adventures.

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Michelle's Journey

I've been in the pet care industry pretty much my entire life. I would spend time volunteering at kennels as a child and later on having a good healthy career at the largest bird park in the UK, working with birds from all over the world.
It soon hit home that my true passion was with the domesticated animals on the farm within the bird park. That pulled at my heartstrings for 20 years. During this time I was lucky that I could take my dog Poppy along with me. This was the best thing ever! She got so much exercise and enrichment from her days, she would come home feeling content and snuggly; after her dinner of course! Then things changed, I couldn't take her anymore. The early morning walks and rush back from work to walk her was certainly putting a strain on me, and her too, and when winter came it was even worse - it was just a slog around the block. Back then I had never heard of dog walkers. All I know is that it would have been invaluable to me and Poppy and a huge difference to both of our lives and all those that helped out.
Poppy isn't around anymore, but if she was she would have loved this dog walking life! Her day would have once again been fulfilled, and that is what I love providing now - helping everyone keep their family and dogs’ lives on track.
Running Unleashed K9 Adventures gives me the freedom of outdoor life, with the best company of a pack of four-legged adventurers!

Dan's Journey

Dan has been aprart of Unleashed K9 Adventures since January 2021. He has always been part of my journey right back when I worked on a farm, he has a keen interest in all nature and has natural calming effect with all animals he has in his care.

Working with one another has always been something we always spoke about, but he enjoyed his job and all the perks which came with it. Now the opportunity is here. He is glad to leave the rat race and I'm more than delighted to have a partner in crime.

Dan has already built a great bond with the doggie clients, now he will be working alongside us whilst enjoying all of our favorite walks and routes. This is an exciting time for us all and he is making a great addition to my tiny team of just me.

Dan 3