Unleashed K9 Adventures

Farnham, Aldershot and surrounding areas.

Are you looking for more than just a stroll in a field?

Is your dog bored of the same old daily walk?

"Michelle has been fantastic with our Spaniel who was initially very timid with other people and dogs. Due to her patience, expert knowledge and care he now can’t wait to go out on his group walks. I would 100% recommend."

Outdoor adventures for active, social dogs

We offer three hour-long adventures every day – early mornings, afternoons, and lunch hours. Traveling is on top, so we'll need to figure out where to return from, depending on traffic and the best route to pick up. This is generally -/+ 30 minutes either side of the adventure.

You can be sure that your K9 will return home feeling contented, relaxed, and ready for a snuggle.

Our adventurers will ensure your dog is happy

Before unleashing them, we make sure each dog is calm and focused, ready to go, and to return when we ask. While your pal is off the leash, we are always careful to balance their freedom with other people’s enjoyment of public spaces. Not everyone likes dogs of course, so we discourage unwanted interactions, and we always carefully assess our surroundings before removing the leash. This is for their own well-being too, so we avoid crowded locations and keep well away from busy roads and other hazards.

Travel and transport

Our vans are fitted for comfort and safety, and most dogs enjoy the ride. However, they are not all happy travelers and you will know yourself whether this is likely to be an issue. Particularly for the first time or two, some may need extra reassurance. A treat often helps!

Our walker will quickly establish a bond with your dog, and once they realize that van rides = outdoor adventure, they happily hop onboard! We want it to be a stress-free experience, and will always let you know how they are doing.

Group walks

Is your dog ready for a group walk?

It is important to note that Unleashed K9 Adventures doesn’t provide formal training services. However, our adventurers are skilled with command and control, but because our outings are off-the-leash, this relies on your dog already having a good understanding of recall and other basic obedience!

Of course, we don’t expect your pooch to be perfect (is anyone?!), but it is really helpful if they are responsive, well socialised and happy in a group. We appreciate that newbies will need a bit of time understanding the routine and getting to know everyone, but we are sure it wont be long before they are settled in and waggling for their next adventures.

Meet & greet

To ensure walks are safe and stress-free for all, we will arrange a meet and greet and book your dog in for a trial walk before they are booked into the group adventures.

Numbers are limited to keep groups manageable and so that everyone is happy. We currently have slots available for the following daily sessions:

Adventure times

From Monday to Friday, we offer hour-long adventures three times a day – early morning, late morning, and lunchtime. Travel is on top, so drop-off times will depend on which location we’re returning from. Pick-up times will also vary slightly, depending on traffic and the best route to collect each dog. Typically, this is +/- 30 mins either side of the adventure.

Bashful At Breakfast: walks from approx.  8.00am to 9.00am – Some dogs just wake up ready to tackle their day with their best paw forward. Let us get your dog off to an adventurous start!

Midday Ramblers: walks from approx.  11.00am to 12.00pm – For those crossed legged pooches that need to bounce and pee, this is the adventure for them.

Wilderness Warriors: walks from approx. 1.00pm to 2.00pm – Lovers of exploring the outdoors with their tribe of K9s in the early afternoon sun, trekking through the heathland and woodland.


Everyone enjoys a more relaxed time at the weekends, and that goes for our walks too!

We still get the gang together, but things are just a little more flexible. Get in touch in advance for bookings times and availability. This allows us to manage family commitments (and maybe even a little lie-in!)

Your K9/s can join us as many days per week as you wish, and for different sessions each day, subject to availability. We do limit numbers, so regular booking is recommended to secure a particular slot, and they must join us for at least one session every week.

Pre-booking is required so that we can manage group size and keep everyone happy. While we are not able to offer an on-demand or on-call service, we do aim to be as responsive as possible when emergency or unforeseen situations arise. We won’t leave your dog cross-legged and home alone!


 Monday - FridaySaturday - Sunday *Bank Holidays *
The Adventures£16.00£20.00Double rate
Per Additional dog (same household)£11£11£11

*Please book well in advance to avoid disappointment.
*Although Unleashed K9 adventures do offer services at weekends and bank holidays this is also a time we spend with family, friends and maintaining our vehicles and property etc. please do book in advance.

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